Book 1 of the Savannah spin-off series also known as House of Phoenyx book 5 has been written!

That's right everyone! I finished writing the first book in the Savannah series spin-off (which will most likely be a two book series) that leads into the Mila and Brandon spin-off series. The working titles as of today are Nights of Gale and Moths of Men. I haven't decided yet if they will be House of Phoenyx book 5 and 6 or if they'll be named the Savannah Saint series 1 and 2 (or something similar).

So while all of that is good news, there will still be some waiting time for all of you who are dying to start reading it. I won't publish it until the next book is finished. But that means that when it does finally come out, both books will be available to purchase so you won't have to wait!

That is all for now. I must start writing again.

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