Treatment 40

Today is treatment number 40 and for all of you who have been reading this, treatment 40 was supposed to be my last. However, with as much as I have gained from this neurofeedback experience I have decided to keep going. I am doing really well--most days I go without experiencing any anxiety--but I think I can do better. I haven't gained all that I could from it yet.

I went back for another brain map last week and today I will be getting those results. Again I can tell that this has been helping and I know that I'll never be all green (normal), but I am hoping for at least 1 green and several red instead of yellow.

Sleep is the one thing that I'm still struggling with. I have started to sleep 5 hours a night, one or two nights a week, but I'm hoping to make it to 5 hours of sleep five to seven nights a week. That is the goal and I believe by continuing treatment that I can get to that goal.

Other things that have changed in my life:

I went to a concert. I love concerts (or at least used to), but with the crowds and the far away parking I tend to start panicking before I make it into the venue. On September 6th I went to see Taylor Swift. I was 20 people away from my aisle's exit and a 1000 yards away (and a couple hundred people) away from the outside. I had no problems. No anxiety. No panic even when I was pushing my way through the crowd once the concert ended. That is improvement!

I've been going through some very stressful situations with men I'm dating, friends, and family. I've been in situations where I've felt trapped and I haven't panicked. I may have run a little and I may have cut useless people out of my life, but I didn't panic. I have remained calm, cool, and collected.

I know my body and my brain better than anyone else does and neurofeedback has helped me. I know not everyone is the same, but for me this worked and will hopefully continue to work!

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