Treatment 1

Yesterday I received my brain mapping results. Out of 40 things they checked I failed all 40 of them! There are five levels (colors). Green is normal, red is high, and yellow is very high. The majority of mine are yellow with some red thrown in there which means that my brain is working overtime all the time. I can’t sleep because it won’t shut off. I feel anxious/nervous because I’m over stimulated by everything in my environment.

The doctor decided to take me on as a client (Yippie for me!) and I had my first hand peddling session. It consisted of me peddling bike-like peddles with my hands while I had oxygen in my nose. Easy peasy!

Next it was time for my first neurofeedback session. I sat down in a chair, they hooked me up to sensors and I watched a movie for 15 minutes. Easy! That was all. Afterwards I didn’t feel any worse and I’m reserving judgment on whether I felt better. My brain seemed to be moving slower after—things that would have normally made me jump out of my skin didn’t so maybe it’s progress???

I didn’t sleep any better (I have a hard time falling asleep and then staying asleep), but the doctor says that is normally the last thing that changes.

I’m still very hopeful and have signed up for the full 40 sessions which my doctor recommended. My next appointment is in two days.

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