Percaline Golden’s life hasn’t exactly been easy. Family tragedies have forced her to grow up a lot faster than she wanted to, but at least she’s always been able to be strong for her younger sister, Savannah, and lean on her best friend, Lucas. But an encounter with a prophet and a dream sent by a ghost will lead Percaline on a journey to a bizarre and wonderful world where she’ll have to learn the true meaning of strength – because the whole world will be depending on her.


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Since the death of an ally of the phoenix, everything feels wrong—until a surprise gift shows Savannah Golden that there just might be hope after all. As the forces aligned against the phoenix and her allies grow more sinister, the sisters and their friends bastion themselves against the darkness by taking time to celebrate the most important things in their lives – but as the second prophecy looms, a new threat rises on the horizon.


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Lucas Clark loves Percaline with all his heart, yet he feels like they might be slipping away from each other. While one part of him wants to propose to her and spend the rest of his life in the glow of their love, another more animalistic part of him wants to claim what’s his and then move on to other territory. With new members of the group in their midst, it’s hard to know who to trust – and while Lucas grapples with his animal and the pack awaits the third prophecy, he begins to realize that  it’s even harder to know who to love.


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Josephine King is one of the most powerful witches in existence, yet she can't use her magic to do the one thing she truly desires more than anything in the world: bring her soul mate back. As the threat from Adam & the Antichrist rises, this daughter of Enoch must open her heart to her friends, the allies of the House of Phoenyx, and her daughter—who has yet to be born. But will their combined powers of good be enough to triumph in the final battle against the ultimate evil?


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New by

S. C. Clark


The end of war has led to calm and stability in the Underworld. Percaline and Lucas have waited so long for their happiness and they are ready to begin the rest of their lives together as husband and wife. As new adventures beckon on the horizon, family and friends take the time to come together and celebrate the things that truly matter in life – friendship, peace, and love.

Harmony of Souls began as a novella, but quickly turned into a full length novel. I realized somewhere around Seal of Truthaven, the third book in the House of Phoenyx series, that there was so much more to these character’s stories than 4.5 books. It was at the end of Sons of Adam that I decided to create a spin-off series that mostly centers around Savannah, but to my surprise, I decided at the beginning of Harmony of Souls that I would expand my spin-offs to include another set of books whose main characters include Mila and Brandon. For that reason alone, Harmony of Souls remained a novella in plot but became so much more than a small novel. I hope you enjoy this happy story. 
My new Savannah series and Mila and Brandon series will be out as fast I can write them, so please keep checking your favorite book source for their stories!