Hello, my name is S. C. Clark. It’s been approximately 20 minutes since my last drink—unless I’m at work in which case I’ve probably been drinking since 0600. Wait!..I’ve just been informed that this isn’t AA and if that’s the case, then why is there an intervention sign hanging above my head? Oh well, that’s enough about you. This is about me!

I am the author of a little series of books called House of Phoenyx. For those of you who are hoarders I hope that at least one room in your house is full of my books. For those of you who have never heard of the House of Phoenyx series, please click on the books tab above to purchase. They are non-fiction auto-biographies, because as you can tell I am a non-sarcastic, very serious writer. No werewolves, zombies or vampires in my books at all, ever.

Ok, time to be serious…People want to know how I come up with the ideas for my stories. Honestly, I think everyone has an author inside of them. Think of it as a muse that sits on your back guiding you through your story. If the story isn’t writing itself then the muse isn’t happy and the story is lacking something. Take time and figure out what that something is. Look at your surroundings. Have you ever thought that one of your co-workers was pure evil? Chances are they are, or at least they would be in my book. Pull from your experiences—all of them. Don’t limit yourself and don’t stifle the muse. Listen to her and listen to the people around you because that is where you will find your ideas.


Before becoming an author, S. C. Clark worked at a cozy government job where the lights were dim and people regularly considered sacrificing themselves to any one of the many volcano Gods. Fortunately for her and her readers, instead of seeing her fellow employees as real people, she saw them as demons, huntsmen, vampires, sirens, and werewolves. Though this often led to awkward conversations (aka reprimands) about holy water dousing and pod people harassment, it also fueled her creativity and, frankly, made those work days bearable. Now as a published author, she spends most of her days wishing she was a dinosaur vet and hopes to someday meet Walt Disney. For more information on S. C. Clark or to contact her please visit www.houseofphoenyx.com.

S. C. Clark still, sadly, works at her non-creative government job but thought that by using this description she might be able to persuade the hiring powers-that-be of any television network to hire her. She doesn't mind being the person who assists the assistant of the assistant of the assistant. She is excellent at getting coffee, picking up dry-cleaning, and basically anything you can teach a monkey to do. For more information on S. C. Clark or to contact her please visit www.houseofphoenyx.com.

S. C. Clark lives in Colorado where she collects sweatshirts, jackets, and snow. When she's not writing (or working at that god-awful government job she complains about incessantly) she enjoys long walks on the... ah, mountain shrubbery and cuddling up with her pet unicorn. One day she hopes to write something they'll turn into a theme park, but for now she'll settle for making enough money to adopt a penguin. For more information on S. C. Clark or to contact her please visit www.houseofphoenyx.com.



A special thanks goes to Tashona Jones who created the artwork I use at the beginning of my chapters, on my covers and throughout this website. You are a truly amazing artist! Thank you for taking what I had in my head and putting it down on paper even when I couldn’t find the words to describe what I was thinking. I hope you enjoy these books and find that the end result was worth all the changes. To contact Tashona Jones please click on the CONTACT ME link below.




A special THANKS!

From the BACKS of my books